ClipInc Player

Tobit.Software (Shareware)

ClipInc Player saves audio in MP3 format from a current radio stream to the user’s PC. This application from Tobit requires an active Internet connection to record radio music. The recorded tracks can be added to an existing playlist quite easily for playback on the computer or MP3 player. The application may be used to record songs from radio stations that broadcast in numerous locations around the world. ClipInc Player is a small and lightweight program with an unparalleled capacity for providing music lovers with the latest songs from different parts of the world without charge.

The latest version of this utility allows users to add tracks to a music collection automatically, and features remote control with the use of an iPhone device, among other advanced features. Avid listeners are also provided with pertinent information such as track title, artist, album, and lyrics as well. The information about the tracks contained within the recorded radio stream is received via StreamTags.

ClipInc Player has two major components. The first is the client, which performs the tasks required of a user interface. Meanwhile, the second component is the part of the program that records the radio program. This component is always operating on the background. The program offers a fast, efficient, and legal method of expanding a music collector’s playlist and music library.