ClipGrab (Freeware)

ClipGrab is a free program that was released in 2007. This program is a downloader that allows people to copy videos from various sites online. Streaming video files can easily be viewed online, but this requires a consistent connection to the Internet. In case there are interruptions regarding the Internet connection, videos that are downloaded from the Internet can be stored in one's hard disk or in an external drive for later viewing with ClipGrab. These files, when downloaded and stored, can be viewed at any time regardless if any connection to the Internet is available or not.

Aside from MP3 files, videos grabbed from the Web and downloaded with ClipGrab can be converted into other formats including MPEG4. This particular program also works regardless of what browser is being used. It can support a variety of video websites and it comes with multiple file format support as well. The program does not only download video files as desired but the default download quality is set to the highest quality available. It can be configured to download videos automatically. All that the user needs to do is paste a link to the clipboard, making it easy to use even for novice computer users.