Clipdiary 3.5

Softvoile (Shareware)

Clipdiary is an application that lets users have a record of everything that they have put into their clipboards – that is, everything that they have copied or cut, including text and images, and have temporarily stored on their computer’s memory.

This tool by Softvoile makes these items easily accessible even after all clipboard contents have been erased, such as when the computer has been shut down or when data has been overwritten. Copied items are put in a database, which users can retrieve anytime – they can then put these items back in the clipboard or paste them directly onto their document or application.  

The clipboard manager offers a variety of features, including the ability to store files in different formats such as images, RTF files, plain text, HTML, screenshots, and more.  A hotkey feature lets users assign controls for quick use.  Moreover, Clipdiary offers some advanced options, including customizing filters, interface, etc.  Additionally, users have the option to paste copied and formatted text as plain text, and rename, save, or delete files.  

Clipdiary is a useful tool for those who need to keep a record of the things they copy.  This includes students who are doing research, gamers who like to take screenshots of their games, or practically anyone who want to make sure that they can go back to the texts, images, or files that they find useful or interesting.