Clipboard Master 3.7.4

Jumping Bytes (Freeware)

Clipboard Master is a Windows-only application that enables users to copy and paste as well as collect, store, and organize text, images, folders and files. It is no ordinary clipboard program as it has a multi-clipboard feature that can be utilized to access previous copies, and it can store up to 10,000 clipboard entries. The files, images, text, and folders that users copy in a Windows program are added automatically to this application’s multi-clipboard feature. The entries are added chronologically, so users can easily access the newest entries at the top of the clipboard’s list. Moreover, the entries in the multi-clipboard can be used in the computer’s other programs.

In addition to the multi-clipboard feature, Clipboard Master also has a wide range of text templates, including predefined greetings and salutations for emails and letters. It also supports the use of special characters as well as HTML code. The text templates have advanced features that can automatically add the time and date when the letter is created. Users who would like to copy multiple files or folders can have a single entry created for these, so they do not have to paste these one by one. Users also have the option to paste files as text or as attachments in Microsoft Outlook.