Clip2Net 0.9.4

AU78 Web Development (Freeware)

Clip2Net is a screencast and screenshot program developed by AU78 Web Development. The program works by capturing or recording areas of the desktop/windows then providing the user with a URL link or a publish code that can be used to upload the image/video on any website. All the files published online are stored in the program’s server. In order to manage the files, online registration is required.

This program can capture and publish a specific area of the desktop. When doing this, the program enables the user to select a certain region of the desktop. After doing so, a new window opens, which provides different tools and configuration options such as adding text, highlighting, drawing circle/rectangles/arrows, adding comments and more. Capturing and publishing an entire window is possible as well. The same procedure applies when recording video and publishing it online.

The program can also be used to share files and folders. This can be done by dragging the files or folders into the Drop Zone, the tiny box that serves as the program’s interface. Pasting the files from the Clipboard to upload the files is possible as well. Files and folders are not the only thing that can be shared. This application also makes it possible to share text and notes. Clip2Net also offers Security features. It offers an option to include password protection to the uploaded files. This provides users total control on who can view the uploaded files.