CELSYS,Inc. (Proprietary)

CLIP PAINT Lab is a program that serves as an image manipulation tool designed for illustrated works of art, particularly those that are similar to manga. A software application developed by Celsys, the program aims to replicate the functionality of many well-known illustration production tools while tweaking most of the features to meet the needs of artists. Some of these fine-tuned features include a paint tool with options to provide accurate output of lines and strokes on screen, a brush tool that attempts to mimic the various styles offered by different kinds of paintbrushes, and a pen tool designed to be as responsive as those that use a pointing device for making illustrations.

While Celsys has also developed similar artistic production tools, CLIP PAINT Lab incorporates features found in two of their more well-known programs. For instance, all assets are located at a toolbar that is placed to the right of the user’s blank canvas that allows the user to work on his or her workspace with minimal distraction.

Multiple view modes are available from within the tool. For instance, an image’s chromatic palette can be used as a main viewing option when the user needs to look at his or her illustration in a different light. Image correction processes are also available, which automates the process of cleaning up an image.