Clip Extractor

Clip Extractor (Shareware)

Clip Extractor is an application primarily used for downloading videos from the Internet. This application works with the user’s input of the video URL as well as the preferred output format. Videos downloaded through this application can be converted into a number of video formats. The most popular of these are AVI, MP4, and 3GP. It also allows users to extract the audio portion of the online video. When only the audio is extracted, the software converts it to popular audio formats like MP3 and MOV. When the program is installed, it places a button on the browser’s toolbar. The user just needs to click on that button in order to start downloading the online video.

To use the program, the user searches for the online video first. After that, the add-on button in the toolbar is pressed. The application then lets the user specify the format of the downloaded file, as well as the folder where the converted file will be saved. Only after that does the program starts the download and conversion process. When the file is finally converted, it can then be played on popular video programs like Windows Media Player. It also allows file transfer to devices like the iPhone and the iPad.