Client for Google Translate 5.2.605

Alexey ILJIN (Freeware)

Client for Google Translate is a free Windows translator utility, which enables Google Translate services for text in web browsers, messengers, and office applications. It features support for over 50 languages accessible via the Inline translation functionality. Client for Google Translate also supports listening translations.

Client for Google Translate features automatic language detection. This software also features instant translations and even translations while typing. Client for Google Translate also provides for alternate translations and transliterations. This program also features Hotkey text replacements and translations. Client for Google Translate also supports online searches through the built-in Wikipedia search functionality. This program also has access to more than 200 dictionaries.

Client for Google Translate user interface features a dual window display. The upper window display shows help instructions and guides on using the application. Between the two display windows is a toolbar, which includes buttons for New, Copy, and Paste functions. There is also a Next and a Previous button. Language may be set on the toolbar as to source language, if undetected, and target language for translation. The bottom display window is the input box where the text to be translated is pasted. Client for Google Translate users may also choose to click the checkboxes at the bottom for Autosize, Editable, and Always on top.