Clickteam Patch Maker

Clickteam (Shareware)

Clickteam Patch Maker is a program with the capability of installing only the altered portion of a specific updated software. For instance, a program normally becomes outdated when newer versions get published. Newer versions are being created to resolve the bugs or errors on previous versions and introduce new features to the program.  In most cases, the developer offers the upgrade by providing the whole updated software which means that the user will need to uninstall the old version and reinstall the new one. This gets inefficient when the changes made to the software is very minimal, in which case, the altered or new portions of the software can just be added to the old version to make it updated.

Clickteam Patch Maker’s user interface is simple and user-friendly. On top of this, the software offers the following advantages:
• It creates small update patches regardless of the size of the original program. This saves a lot of disk space.
• The update patch does not store a lot of data so it is not possible to steal the user’s program or software.
• Running the update patch would be faster and less hassle to the user. No uninstalling and reinstalling required.