ClickRepair 3.9.1

Kagi (Shareware)

ClickRepair is a program that is used in the restoration of audio recordings. With this application, users can restore the sound files that have been archived (recorded digitally) from old shellac or vinyl records. Imperfections in a recording such as scratchy sounds and crackles are the result of rusty stylus needles or a damaged vinyl surface. This tool removes those scratchy sounds to improve the sound quality of the recorded audio.

This program works on the user’s captured audio recordings that have been saved as uncompressed audio files in WAVE or AIFF format. It has support for both 16- and 24-bit format audio, and accepts either stereo or mono file formats up to a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz.

ClickRepair will first analyze the interference on the recorded audio (the scratches and crackles) and compensates for these by executing a process called audio interpolation. After this is done, users can preview how the new file sounds. They can either listen to the whole recording or just a portion of the file. This program is also capable of reducing continuous noise such as hum, vinyl noise, rumble, and hiss.

The application comes with a comprehensive manual to guide users in the different program functions and the step-by-step process of removing imperfections from their audio recordings.