ClickMeIn 1

ClickMeIn Limited (Proprietary)

ClickMeIn is remote access software developed by ClickMeIn Limited in May 2011. ClickMeIn allows its users to access their desktop from anywhere using any computer, mobile device, or tablet as long as it has an internet connection. ClickMeIn also allows users to access files, edit, and save from another computer. ClickMeIn also allows users to run programs on their computer from another computer or device. Users only need to install ClickMeIn on the computer to be accessed. The program need not be installed on the viewing device. As long the device has an internet connection, users may access their computer just like a website.

ClickMeIn allows users to have an extra storage option that they can access by internet connection. Transferring files from computer to another computer or device can be done just by copying and pasting. ClickMeIn users may also use the software as a live broadcasting screen. This becomes very useful in meetings and conferences. Users may just provide a link to access their desktop and everyone can readily view presentations in their Livescreen.

ClickMeIn account settings and access settings are customizable and protected by password input. Aside from that, ClickMeIn offer security technologies to secure access to the ClickMeIn account. ClickMeIn also features 24/7 online support. How-to instructions, as well as videos, may be found on their homepage to ease first time users in trying the program.