Click Translator 5.01

Authorsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Click Translator is a translation program that is capable of translating text into different languages around the world. The software supports over 50 key languages. The word or text must be highlighted in order for the user to view the translation. Translations appear once the hotkey combination is pressed on the keyboard. The application has a simple interface that consists of the settings for the program.

The application can be configured from the settings window where the list of hotkeys that are in use are displayed as a list. More hotkeys can be added by typing in the combination on the field and clicking the ‘Add’ button. Languages are displayed at the upper right part of the window. More languages can be added, too. Other options include the level of transparency for the translation balloon (can be changed with the slider) and copying translated text to the clipboard. In addition, all the results for translations can be logged in a file for future reference.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Support for translating any type of text that is seen on the screen
• Support for traditional and simplified Chinese
• Enables users to change the source language and target language with just one click

The computer must be connected to the Internet in order to user the program.