Click to DVD

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Sony VAIO Click to DVD is a small utility application developed by Sony and was released in March 2006. This program enables users to easily create DVD copies of their video files. Aside from making DVD copies of videos files, this program also has features that can be used to create multimedia slideshows comprised of multiple images and then preview and edit videos before writing it to a blank DVD disc. Sony VAIO Click to DVD is a preinstalled program in some models of laptop and notebook computers manufactured by Sony.

Sony VAIO Click to DVD’s main window has two parts. The top portion contains controls for “Automatic Mode” which allows users to make DVD copies of their videos using the program’s predefined settings. Another section is the “Edit Mode” which enables users to edit and prepare their video files for copying to a DVD. The bottom portion displays the list of the user’s videos, photos and other available media. The lower right panel displays a list of thumbnails of the user’s photos and videos while the lower left panel contains tools that are used to import photos or videos from another source or capture photos and videos using a connected device such as a camera or a webcam.

The Edit mode option brings users to a window where they can edit their video or create a photo slideshow. This section has tools that allow users to add transitions, sound, and video effects to their slideshow. Users can preview the changes they made to the video by means of a playback panel that contains media player controls such as play, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.

Once users are finished with editing their videos or slideshows, they can proceed to copy the files in a DVD by clicking the “Create DVD” button. This will generate a progress window that shows the copying status of the file.