Click to Disc Editor

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

Click to Disk Editor is an application that is used to import videos from devices like video cameras to notebooks or computers to burn files in an original DVD format.  The application is used as a camera support application developed by Sony Entertainment. Click to Disk Editor has a user friendly interface which enables users to burn DVDs at an instant. It has 3 easy steps to follow for burning a DVD. The user should connect the camera device to computer,  then click “Create Disk” button followed by creating a disk.  Click to Disk Editor is also used as a video editor that enables users to clip unwanted scenes from the video.  

The application supports various graphic features in designing DVD background templates. This feature transforms the DVD menu into a more stylish look. Users can choose the designs and themes for chapter selection screens and top menus. Themes include summer, spring, winter, fall, party, and travel. There are various professionally designed music templates to choose from that compliments 5.1 surround sound background music. The VAIO animated menu tool is used to insert clips from videos to make scenes as background template of the DVD. The software has an updating tool that downloads the latest components of the program through BDJUpdate.dll. This feature also includes updates for new version release.