Clever Kids: Dino Land

Gamerholix Ltd. Published by Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. (Proprietary)

Clever Kids: Dino Land is a game developed by Gamerholix.  It was published by Midas Interactive Entertainment, and first released in 2007. This edutainment game is intended for children ages 6 to 10 years old. It was developed to hone their mental agility and enhance their attention span. This interactive game has a narrator named Sprocket the Robot. He acts as the ‘tour guide’ of the young players to the world of the giants that walked the earth.

The game has a “Spot the Difference” category. This helps children pay close attention to details. The sliding and jigsaw puzzles also train their focus and enhance their visual spatial awareness. On the other hand, the “Facts Quiz” enables them to learn information about dinosaurs. For example, what did they actually look like? What were the different species of dinosaurs? How tall are they? What did they eat?  How did they survive and die?

“Target Range” allows youngsters to enhance their mathematical ability. The “Play Dino Cry” helps to improve their memory and logical reasoning. The “Guide a T-Rex to Dino Valley” helps them to come up with strategies in order to help the dinosaur overcome obstacles and get to its goal: dinner.