ClearType Switch 1.1

KARPOLAN (Freeware)

ClearType Switch is an application that enables users to disable or enable their monitor’s ClearType and anti-aliasing settings for displaying text in one click. The options for ClearType and text anti-aliasing options are located in different places in the computer, depending on the user’s Windows version whether it is XP, Vista, or 7. With this application, users can save a lot of time looking for these options to smoothen out the edges of screen fonts.

ClearType is a technology developed for improving how the text is rendered in LCD panels. LCD screens have rectangle pixels, while CRT monitors have round dots. Text is rendered differently depending on the type of monitor being used. The “smooth edges of screen fonts” feature makes the Windows operating system analyze the image around a particular text and adjust the color of the surrounding pixels to achieve a better visual rendering for LCD monitors. Every LCD monitor or display screen should be individually tuned, and ClearType Switch lets users do so without the hassle of looking for the settings in their computers.

This application has a simple interface that has a checkbox that users can tick if they want to enable smooth edges for screen fonts. Users can also select a system font that looks better even without ClearType.