ClearTweak (Freeware)

ClearTweak is a small utility application for Windows XP computers. Users of this particular operating system who wish to adjust the settings of ClearType can do so with this program, a function of which isn’t readily available from within Windows. The extent of contrast provided by ClearType fonts generated by Windows XP can affect the visibility and readability of text shown on the screen. Clear Tweak fixes this by allowing users to set up the right amount of contrast that feels pleasant to their sight.

As the program is optimized for workstations and desktop computers that use flat screen LCD and LED screens, ClearTweak may not work properly on conventional CRT monitors and other similar output devices. When adjusted on a CRT screen, the application (and every snippet of text on the screen itself) may appear blurry and unreadable.

Users who wish to use the program to its full extent must meet certain hardware requirements. Aside from limited compatibility with CRT monitors, desktop owners must make sure that their computers are installed with a contemporary video adapter bundled with screen color settings of at least 256 color-rendering capabilities. Users are recommended to install the ClearTweak utility on a computer with at least 24-bit to 32-bit color depth. Thus, this program is highly recommended for portable device users.