Acer Incorporated (Proprietary) Media is a software solution which allows users to manage their favourite videos, music, and photos from any of their home devices while connected to a wired or wireless home network. Home network devices can include the smartphone, notebook, personal computer, and media player, to name a few.  With this software, a user is able to retrieve photos from their mobile phones and then display them on television. Users can transfer movies, videos, and music from their netbooks to their personal computers. They can also upload the media files to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter from any of the devices.

There are two (2) main requirements for this solution to work. First is that there is an existing wired or wireless home network connection. The second is that the software needs to be installed on each of the devices for them to be able to communicate seamlessly with each other. Normally, users will use the internet connection then access or pull the file from one source and then save it to another for actual use. This software simplifies this process by allowing users to browse, manage, print, and share all media from any of the home devices.