CleanMem Settings (Freeware)

CleanMem Settings is a program designed to enable users to optimize their computer’s system memory. This program works by scanning the computer’s hard disk for files and processes that take up memory, making the computer slow down and perform poorly. CleanMem Settings detects unused files, residual data from deleted software, cache files, and unused background applications. This program optimizes the system by deleting the aforementioned files and shutting down unimportant applications. Upon installation, CleanMem Settings works almost automatically in the background. This program cleans up the computer’s memory every 15 minutes, but users can also configure the program’s cleanup routine by accessing CleanMem Settings’ task scheduler feature. This program also provides users with a detailed report after a cleanup process. This report provides information about the memory status before and after the cleanup process. In addition to these, CleanMem Settings provides features that enable users to schedule basic tasks by running other programs in the computer. CleanMem Settings can automatically launch the user’s maintenance tools such as a virus scanner, or an email platform such as MS Outlook.

CleanMem Settings’ main window contains three tabs: General, Monitor Settings, and Advanced Monitor. The General tab allows users to configure the program’s settings such as background and text color schemes, assigned hotkeys, and automatic startup. The Monitor Settings tab allows users to edit the appearance of the Monitor window while the Advanced Monitor contains settings such as auto run CleanMem, auto clean file cache, and advanced monitor rules.