CleanMem Mini Monitor 2.4.3 (Freeware)

CleanMem Mini Monitor is an add-on application for CleanMem. CleanMem is a program that enables users to optimize their system memory or Random Access Memory by shutting down low-priority programs and processes that consume system memory. This program is used to free up system memory in order to run high-priority programs efficiently. CleanMem Mini Monitor provides users with a means to monitor the status of their system memory. This program appears as a small green icon on the system tray that displays the memory percentage that is currently being used by active processes. Clicking on the icon will generate a small panel that displays three types of information. The CleanMem Mini Monitor panel displays a shaded bar gauge that shows the amount of system memory used by running applications. Users may also find the Memory Total and the Commit Total below the bar gauge. This panel can be configured to display the memory process count, and the UpTime.

CleanMem Mini Monitor contains features that allow users to edit the appearance of the system tray display panel. Users can choose to automatically run the program during startup, show the “memory used” percentage, edit the background color, font color, and set global hotkeys used to quickly access the program. CleanMem Mini Monitor also allows users to schedule tasks for their CleanMem program. Users can enable routine memory checks, cache clearing, and reports. In addition to these, users may also set the amount of memory to be saved for priority programs.