Stratopoint Software (Shareware)

Cleanerzoomer is a graphic/image editor designed to reduce all sorts of noise and visual artifacts and sharpen the edges of enlarged images for overall higher image quality. Visual artifacts manifest as texture corruption in images, which are then caused by data corruption due to hardware malfunctions. Cleanerzoomer provides full support for various types of file formats which include BMP, PSD, TIFF, GIF, and similar formats. Here are some of the program’s mechanics:
• The photograph to be enlarged and edited is loaded into the interface’s working area using the file browser. Working with several images all at once is possible as batch processing is supported.
• The program also allows the resampling of images. The user just needs to specify the desired output size, resample method, and resolution. Images are sharpened by specifying the threshold, diameter, effect strength, and detail sensitivity options. The user can also zoom in or out, and alter the color profile of the image.
• The software comes with documentation and has a quick response time. To work at optimum levels and deliver high-quality output, a fair amount of system resources are required by the program.

Cleanerzoomer has features that make it an appropriate tool for mid-range users who need a comprehensive range of editing features. However, it also appeals to novice users due to its basic interface and general setup.