CleanAfterMe 1.37 (32-bit)

NirSoft (Freeware)

CleanAfterMe is a simple tool for cleaning the computer’s registry and the web browser window. It is a portable program and does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. Users can save the executable file in a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive and use the application on a different computer. The application’s main window is simple and intuitive. It consists of checkboxes beside components of the system that need to be cleaned. Users can just check on the items that must be cleaned and click the “Clean Selected Items” button. A description of each section can also be found on the main window.

A cleaning log can also be viewed on the main window. The log shows the action taken, the item that was cleaned, and if the cleaning was successful. A report can be viewed and saved by clicking on “Show Cleaning Report”. This file can be opened later on for reference.

Other features of the CleanAfterMe application are the following:

• Simple and easy to use interface for beginners and advanced users
• Cleans the system in just one click
• Remembers the last settings of the user
• Does not take up a lot of system resources