Clean My Registry 5.3

Smart PC Solutions (Shareware)

Developed by Smart PC Solutions, Clean My Registry is a fast, lightweight and easy to use tool to clean up the user’s PC registry. Cleaning a PC’s registry can be likened to the changing of the oil of one’s car. With regular use, the oil becomes black, dirty, and the car ceases to function at the best possible state. This may have consequential effects on things like the car’s acceleration and speed. Changing the oil, like any other regular maintenance routines done on a car, is essential to keeping the car in top shape and running fast like it should.

The same concept may be applied to computers. Proper maintenance of key parts of the system will keep a regularly used computer running in its best running condition. The registry is a highly important piece of any operating system. With regular use, the registry becomes laden with old or defunct registry entries. This is where cleaning the registry comes into play. A clean registry is one of the ways to maintain a computer’s speed. Clean My Registry does this with speed and ease. It is targeted towards more novice PC users that are looking for a fast and easy way to maintain their computers. The interface contains only four main buttons: “Clean”, “Undo”, “Apply”, and “Close”. The Clean button initiates the scan. The undo button undoes a scan. The Apply button applies the cleaning of the registry when items have been found during the scan. There is then a link after scanning that will show the details of the latest scan.