Claws-Mail 3.9.2

The Claws Mail Team (Freeware)

Claws Mail is an open-source, GIMP Toolkit-powered e-mail and news reader program. It comes with an easy-to-configure Message Handling (MH) mailbox, as well as an Mbox mailbox that works via plug-in. While its main purpose is as an e-mail software, Claws Mail also houses a number of features such as spell-checking through its Enchant tool, SSL through its GnuTLS, LDAP through its OpenLDAP, and IMAP/NNTP. Its form and interface are similar to those of other e-mail platforms, but with the addition of quick commands that are readily accessible through a keyboard.

Claws Mail's message mailbox comes in a standard format: messages are categorized and are sorted by folder for viewing. Each folder is designed with data security to guard emails from possible threats, viruses, and malware. Another common feature that is incorporated to the software is the capacity to import and export emails from other email software with ease. Extra functionality is ensured by its secondary features i.e. calendar, RSS aggregator, and the LED handling option. Finally, other secondary functions are accessible via their corresponding plug-ins only. Some of the tools and features that are available only via plugins are: Attremover, AddressKeeper, BSFilter, AttachWarner, and SpamReport.