Monolith Productions Inc. (Proprietary)

Claw (also known as Captain Claw) is a video game that was released in 1997. It is a classic-style platformer type of video game involving a cat pirate named Nathaniel Joseph Claw. Captain Claw must find the amulet of nine that will grant him near immortality. Players can explore the game and defeat enemies that are on the field. The game employs a variety of obstacles, including traps, treasure, and secret areas.

Claw has stages called Acts. These acts are divided in two levels. At the end of every level is a boss fight. The player must beat the boss in a battle to get to the next level. When the boss is defeated, the player will be given a jewel. There are nine jewels in the game. When completed, these jewels will be the amulet of nine. It can grant the cat pirate with near-immortality. Various environments in the field include forts, forest, and a hip yard. Captain Claw is armed with a pistol, a sword, dynamite bombs, and ammunition. There are also powerups that can enhance the character’s weapons.

Other features of the game are the following:

• Multiplayer mode allows players to play with each other over the Internet
• Cut scenes between acts provide depth in the game’s story
• The short single-player adventure lets the player finish the game in less time