ClaudioSoft Wave Splitter 2.10

ClaudioSoft (Freeware)

ClaudioSoft Wave Splitter is a simple application that enables users to get a portion of a WAV file. The application does not load the file into the memory to save on space. The program only supports 16-bit WAV files. The application’s user interface is simple and intuitive. There are three sections where users can change the settings.

• Wave Selection – In this section, users can select the WAV file from the hard drive, as well as specify the filename for the final output of the WAV file.
• Media Player – This section is where users can listen to the WAV file. It has three task buttons – play, pause, and stop. There is also a checkbox for enabling the WAV file to loop. Users also have the option to jump to a specific position on the audio file.
• Sample Selection – This section enables users to set the start and end time for the WAV file section that will be extracted from the entire audio file.  

Other features of the ClaudioSoft Wave Splitter application are the following:

• Simple interface that can be used by beginners
• Has a graph panel that displays the signal representation of the WAV file
• Does not clog up the system resources