ClassicPro 2.0.1

Skin Consortium (Freeware)

ClassicPro is a plugin utility created specifically for Winamp. Developed by Skin Consortium, the program is designed to allow users use cPro skins with Winamp. The application utilizes an SUI, or single-user-interface. All the skins provided by the program are based on Winamp’s Bento skin. The program also provides customization features, which enables users to personalize the look of the Winamp program based on the set preferences of the user. Aside from this, the program also supports third-party skins and widgets. The official website of ClassicPro offers a download link for skins for different looks of ClassicPro. Widgets are also supported, which can be downloaded to add more windows to the program.

The ClassicPro skins are just like typical Winamp modern skin. The main difference is that all of the layout designs as well as the codings are stored in a central location. This gives all the ClassicPro skins the same layout design. The contents of the *.wal file are images of the skin only. Because of this, all of the improvements and updates made to the ClassicPro engine are stored in the central location only. Aside from this, all the cPro skins use the ClassicPro plugin. This means that all the updates made to the plugin are automatically reflected to the skins. The program also features third-party plugins, which can be opened in a tab.