Classic Worksheet Maple 11

Maple soft (Proprietary)

Classic Worksheet in Maple 11 is a viewing mode for the computer algebra system developed by Maple soft. The Maple interface provides users with various options of looking at data produced by variables entered by the use, one of which is the classic worksheet mode.

The standard interface is considered the default option for viewing files and formulas created in the program. As older versions of Maple used a different visual interface, current users of Maple 11 may feel more comfortable with manipulating data, using the traditional standard viewing mode. This is now considered the “classic worksheet” mode and can be activated manually by the user.

Using the classic worksheet viewing mode, users can edit the data they enter into the program by using several tools offered by the application. Some of these features include the following:
• Connectivity features that allow Maple users to publish their files by uploading them to specific websites immediately after a project is saved in Maple 11.
• A computational engine that lets users edit graphs with built-in tools provide by such “sub suites” like the differential geometry package and the physics package.
• Smart documentation capability that allows users to save an output of the graphs and formulas into file formats that can be accessed with commonly used third-party applications.