Classic Menu for Office 2010 1.0

Addintools (Shareware)

Classic Menu for Office is a tool that transforms the look of the menus and toolbars of a higher version of Office into the format of a lower version. It allows the users to work using the interface of a lower Office version even if they use a higher version of Office.

Classic Menu for Office provides users with the look of an Office 2003 toolbar while they actually work on Office 2010 or higher. Users can revert to the usual toolbar by downloading and installing the software again. It also provides the classic view and menu of the old Office. Functions from the old Office that have been removed from the latest version can now be used using this application. Users can also add to the classic style interface the latest features, commands, and functions of the current Office version they have. With this application, the users can combine the look of an old and recent Offic interface.

Classic Menu for Office makes use of familiar keyboard commands and shortcuts that can be very useful for first-time users. Shortcuts are very useful when it comes to navigating the interface. Users can now use the latest version of Office without having to learn to use the new version of this application.