clarosoftware (Shareware)

ClaroView is an easy to use program that is useful to PC users who want a better view of the screen while they are working on their personal computers. This innovative application not only facilitates better viewing but easier browsing as well. The wide range of available options presented by this utility caters to the varied preferences of users, allowing workstations to be personalized.

One of the main features of this utility is that it can change the screen overlay color. In this regard, the range of choices available to users encompasses all the visible colors of the spectrum. This application can also be used to change the tint. The tint options can be adjusted in a way that makes the screen become darker or brighter. Once the colors are chosen the settings are retained. If the user wants to use the standard display, he or she only needs to press a button.

Essentially, this application serves as an overlay on the screen. ClaroView is a program that can be downloaded from the Internet. There is a version that is compatible with PC and another that works with Mac devices. This is an application that works harmoniously with any software and does not interfere with the video display during video playback.