Claro ScreenMarker

clarosoftware (Shareware)

Claro ScreenMarker is a PC only utility that is included in the ScreenRuler Suite for PC. This suite is a dynamic set of programs intended to facilitate reading on PC (and on Mac systems as well). With this suite, computer users will have no trouble in focusing and tracking around the screen.

One of the components of Claro ScreenMarker is the tracking and reading feature, giving proofreaders a tool that they can use. One of the main functions of this application is the feature that allows multiple markers to be placed onscreen. These markers can then be easily moved and manipulated using a computer mouse.

Aside from facilitating easier reading of texts and documents on the computer screen, This program also allows the user to make annotations directly on the computer screen. This capability is useful in the preparation of online demonstrations and product presentations. It is a handy tool to have when there is a need to highlight the most important things.

Claro ScreenMarker is a useful tool in beefing up online presentations and making them interesting to the audience. This program is a freeware that can be downloaded with the click of a button. This PC suite does not require registration.