Clarke Tech Editor Studio

  (Open Source)

Clarke Tech Editor Studio is a frequency editing software for radio and television communication satellites. This software can edit, add, or create new frequencies using different utility tools and options.

Clarke Tech Editor Studio is utilized for use with Clarke Tech products such as television receivers and satellite boxes. Users can easily tweak and enhance viewing and receiving capabilities of each device using the complex tools of the software. Users can direct download and upload radio and TV satellite stations over null modem cable or serial port. With this intuitive tool, users can save and make a backup of a channel list before editing or creating a new channel. Users can also share, import, or export their own channel lists. This allows other users to enhance and improve other channels.

Other features of Clarke Tech Editor Studio include the following:

• The latest version of the software allows users to select Audio Dolby Surround Sound for maximum viewing experience.
• Stand-by mode allows users to edit or create channel while working on the background of each satellite channel.
• Users can access the wide online community support, tips, and tutorials for beginners and experts.
• Different formats and a wide range of frequency allows dynamic and free flowing work outputs for communication specialists.