Clarify 1.2.4

Blue Mango Learning Systems (Shareware)

Clarify is a program that helps create instructional documents. It is a comprehensive program that accomplished this by offering complementary features that permit the efficient editing of images, capturing of images, and authoring of text. One of the program’s main advantages is that it assists in the quick creation of documents out of screenshots. It can combine a number of these into stand-alone documents while eliminating the need for separate applications that capture screenshots, edit images, and process copy. Its most notable features include:

• Clear capture of a number of images and the combination of these into a single one
• The integration of annotations and the addition of text with full-featured tools
• Easy document sharing via Dropbox, in PDF, by e-mail, or through the developer’s site:

Clarify can capture regions of a window or entire windows, and import photos and image files to compatible programs. Screen captures, multiple images, and a combination thereof can comprise the program’s output. Sensitive data can be blurred out, or boxes, circles, arrows, and highlights added to emphasize certain portions of a document. Prior to saving, screen captures can also be shuffled. Images can be cropped, resized, and easily replaced with the use of Clarify.