ClacSoft (Freeware)

ClacRadio is an audio streaming program developed by ClacSoft and released on October 2012. The program enables users to listen to online radio stations available for the Spanish audience. These radio stations include RAC1, Rock and Gol, Ser Cadena Cope, and Cadena Dial, among many. The program is a freeware application. It is also available only in the Spanish language.

ClacRadio  is a radio streaming program. The main feature is the audio delay function. Audio delay enables users to set the length of delay before playing the next station. This feature is useful when synchronizing the audio output of the radio with the video output from video streaming sites. This function also allows the program to preload the next audio track. This reduces the amount of buffer time that users have to wait for before listening to music. The length of delay can be set according to the number of seconds of delay. The program also features volume control function. Users can choose the desired volume level by toggling the volume slider. Users can also Pause or Continue listening.

ClacRadio features a classic grey interface. The interface displays the logo at the top, followed by the Radio station drop down list. The volume slider is located alongside the radio station chooser. The Pause/Continue button sits at the middle, and the audio delay input box at the bottom. The Apply button is available to commence the audio delay function.