CKRename is an application used in the batch renaming of files that enables users to change multiple file names all at one time. Users can designate the parameters and rules in the renaming process. A renaming operation can be done in only a minute.

The program’s interface is streamlined, user-friendly, and well-organized. It is composed of three panels, one of which is for path selection, another for displaying a current path’s contents, and the last for displaying current renaming options’ effects. It also allows users to view current file names, access local folders, and preview new file names. Any type of computer user from beginners to experts can easily understand and make use of the program. Various renaming options can be configured by users. Renaming parameters include file name modification, special character incorporation (in original name tags), removal or alteration of extensions, string substitution set-up for automatic character replacement, automatic numbering of files, and modification to first, lower, or upper case. The program’s preview window for file names also operates in real-time. It enables users to see file name changes as they are being done via rules and parameters done in the main window’s bottom area. Customized settings can also be saved and used at a later time.