CivCity Rome

Firefly Studios and Firaxis (Proprietary)

CivCity Rome is a video game that was released in 2006. The game takes place during the time of the Roman Empire. Players are tasked to manage various cities across the Empire. Managing cities means starting from scratch, building necessary structures, making sure all have access to commodities and managing funds.

CivCity: Rome has 2 types of missions. “Stand Alone” missions provide free play (build the city and continue building it for as long as the player wants). “Campaign mode” is like a story-mode wherein the player starts as an engineer. The engineer will have to start building a stone mine colony. The player will move ranks through titles (From Quaestor to Consul) and meet historical people such as Julius Ceasar. The campaign mode is really a tutorial to prepare the player in playing the Stand Alone missions.

27 different maps are contained in CivCity: Rome. There are also 34 missions created by users. These open up many possibilities of gameplay. Players can build “Wonders” which are real historical structures. One example is the Trajan’s Column. Other “wonders” give different advantages to any given city. There is also a game editor wherein players can create their own maps. Every player has access to user submitted maps found in the game’s official online forum.