City Life 2008

Monte Cristo (Proprietary)

City Life 2008 Edition is a single-player city-building game developed in 2007 by the French software company, Monte Cristo. It is the expansion pack for City Life, which set itself apart from other city-building games by being the first one to enable the player to work in a 3D environment. The difference between the first one and the 2008 edition is the addition of 60 buildings, which include well-known structures such as the Royal Opera House and St. Paul’s Cathedral among others. Furthermore, this game offers 10 additional maps and the ability to import satellite maps through an improved version of the editor.

This city construction simulator puts the player in the role of a ruler, whose first task is choosing a plot of land. The player can choose from among temperate and tropical types of terrain upon which to build the city. Once this task is accomplished, the player can proceed to putting up a town hall. Money and population affect the economy of the city; therefore, the player has to erect buildings, establish city services, and put up businesses to generate revenue. The town hall automatically upgrades as the city progresses economically. The player can roam the city by zooming the camera in and out, as well as in the first-person perspective.