Citrix XenCenter 6.2

Citrix (Shareware)

Citrix XenCenter is the monitoring and control unit for Xenserver. Xenserver is a platform designed to manage virtual infrastructures that are based on a cloud, server, or desktop system. As a built-in program within Xenserver, Citrix XenCenter acts as a single interface for administration. This interface provides a cluster of capabilities for management and automation to handle volumes of work.

The administrative software works by automating essential IT processes that enhance business transactions and delivery of services in virtual settings. As a result, users can save time and money while they provide effective IT services. Among the programs’ capabilities are host networking management, availability, security, and maximizing of memory. They are carried out specifically in the following manner:

Cloud and desktop environments are managed by high performance and data security measures. This is the case especially when it is combined with other programs like Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix CloudPlatform.

• Operations are simplified through a complete set of tools for administration, reporting and modifying performance, automated monitoring and recovery after a disaster event, and integrating with other avenues for storing data.
• Performance is delivered with the help of other technology such as Storage Xen Motion, XenMotion live migration, Xen Project hypervisor, and XenServer Conversion Manager.
• XenSearch processes cover needs for searching, filtering, sorting, grouping, and using folders, tags, and custom fields.
• Access administration is role-based.
• Metrics for performance can be displayed.