Cities In Motion

Colossal Order (Shareware)

Cities in Motion is a business simulation game that was first released in 2011. In the game, players must build and improve an effective transportation system in four different locations in Europe – Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Helsinki. Players manage a transportation company and use different vehicles, such as trams, subway trains, buses, and many more. Players must also make sure to gain profit while managing the city.

The game features different vehicles (metro, water buses, helicopters, stations, stops, etc.) and citizens (businessmen, tourists, employees, students, etc). Cities in Motion offers 12 different campaigns and also a sandbox mode where players can play in all the available locations. In addition, the game comes with a map editor so that users can create their own cities to play in. The game uses a real-time city and traffic simulator to create the different scenarios in the game.

Other features of Cities in Motion include the following:
• Features realistic 3D graphics with high detailed buildings
• Play through different eras in history spanning from the 1920s to the 2020s
• Adapt to different situations and meet the needs of the seven different social groups
• Features an advanced map editor
• Features more than 30 vehicles based on real-life models