Swiss Academic Software (Shareware)

Citavi, developed by Swiss Academic Software, is an application used in managing academic references for use in writing assignments, research, and dissertations. It offers an easy and efficient solution to citing resources from books, journals, magazines, and news outfits. Users are provided access to over 4000 resources found online, including library catalogs, databases, and booksellers. The application has the ability to save call numbers for library items and can automatically check imported references if these are available in the libraries where users are registered.

Citavi assists users in adding references to their written work. It can retrieve bibliographic information based on the ISBN number provided by the user. Users can also import references from other applications and resources, and have these checked by the program to see if these are already added to the project, preventing duplicates and errors in citation.

This reference management program is easy to use, especially for students. The user interface has an intuitive layout. The left panel contains the navigation controls; at the middle is the editing pane; and a preview panel with a Quick Help section is located at the rightmost side of the interface. Citavi’s preview panel is able to display all file types, from Web pages, Word documents, PDF files, videos, images, and slideshows.