Cisco Packet Tracer

G&G Software, Moscow State (Proprietary)

Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulation tool, which allows users to conduct experiments for different network connections and to study network behaviors. The application also includes other features such as authoring, collaboration, visualization, and teaching for complex network concepts. Packet Tracer is a support tool for network equipment that enables users to connect with multiple devices at the same time. It is a simulation tool that is used by alumni, students, and faculty members in Cisco Networking Academy in learning network principles. Upon using the software, users will enhance ones’ critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving. Packet tracer can be downloaded at Cisco Academy Connection website by logging as a student, alumni, and administrator or as an instructor. In the developer’s website, the graphic icon should be selected to start the downloading process.

The program supports various application layer protocols. These types of protocols are used to communicate and process connection across a computer network. It also supports routing set up like EIGRP, RIP and OSPF which are included in the Cisco Certified Network Associate curriculum.
RIP limits the number of allowable hops between a source and its destination. OSPF uses an algorithm with a link state routing which enables user to work with autonomous system.