Cisco Media Player

Cisco Systems, Inc (Proprietary)

Cisco Media Player is a utility that may be attached to any digital signage on display. This program can be implemented in any location such as lobbies, retail stores, campuses, office branches, and similar areas. This program can control the interactive playback and display of digital media signs and is capable of live broadcasts in high-definition. This utility facilitates viewing of information by viewers with very low operational cost.

Cisco Media Player is a very scalable and flexible solution and it is also relatively easy to deploy. Cisco Media Player is an easy to control media playback tool that is capable of visually stunning graphics, flash animations and text tickers.

Cisco Media Player is a media player that is capable of high-definition video playback. It is also designed to reliably play motion graphics, dynamic web content, digital displays, and on-demand video.
Cisco Media Player supports RSS, Flash, MPEG-4, MPEG 2 and others.

The program allows for real-time publishing and allows for updating for both individual and group display. There are many different that can be controlled by the user, namely frequency, duration, and schedule of the content playback. The Cisco Digital Media Player is equipped with a remote control and program guide to assist the user in the optimizing the use of the application.