Cisco Clean Access Agent

Cisco Systems, Inc (Bundled)

The Cisco Clean Access Agent, or now known as the Cisco NAC Agent, is part of the Clean Access Manager Software. System administrators use this program to implement and manage network access privileges, distribute patches, install antivirus and anti-spyware software, and identify security vulnerabilities on client computers.

Using this program, a network admin can quarantine a client computer that is infected of viruses or has been compromised by hackers. This way, the harm is isolated and prevented from spreading across the entire network. Clean Access Agent continuously monitors users when they log in to the network. Suspicious activities or unauthorized access are immediately red-flagged and will immediately get blocked.

This tool offers 3 ways for discovering security threats on client computers. It can be installed with the following roles:

1. Clean Access Agent – It is a local-machine Agent-based threat assessment and repair solution. Users of compromised computers are required to download and install this program which will help them immediately repair their computers. It will check the Registry, applications, and services for malicious infections. It offers a permanent protection against infection after installation.
2. Cisco NAC Web Agent – Performs the same tasks of the abovementioned role but it is of temporary nature. It is only good for one-time user log-in session. It will check the registry, applications and services and will try to clean any virus or spywares. But this one will automatically uninstall itself once the user log-outs.
3. Network Scanner – This is the ideal role for this program because it offers network-based security assessment using a centralized server. It runs automatically and continuously monitoring vulnerabilities of all client computers. Once detected, security threats can be fixed by either the system administrator or a notification will be sent to the particular computer and have the user fix it.