CircuitMaker 6.2

Altium Ltd. (Freeware)

CircuitMaker is a circuit simulation software largely useful for engineering students and engineers. It is developed by Altium Ltd. and released on June 2012. It is a schematic capture tool with advanced schematic capabilities enabling users to design and create electronic circuits for PCB design programs. This program also enables users to execute accurate digital and analog circuit simulations. It can also perform accurate simulations of mixed digital and analog circuits.

The CircuitMaker graphical user interface opens up to a blank canvas with a toolbar at the top portion. This table enables users to browse for parts that will be used on the canvas for creating a circuit simulation. The Device Selection window shows 4 succeeding windows starting with the Major Device Class selector, Minor Device Class Selector, Device Symbol selector, and the device preview. The bottom window shows the Model/Subcircuit preview. Users can choose to show Digital, Analog, or both Digital and Analog circuits using tick boxes above the preview window. Users may assign a Label Value, as well as a Hotkey to the selected device.  Selected devices may be placed on the canvas by clicking the Place button at the bottom right portion of the interface. After which, the user may choose a voltage source using the Source > Linear > VSource selector. Users may also add Resistors and connect the devices using the Wire tool found on the toolbar. To initiate the simulation, users may go to Simulate on the menu bar, and select Analyses Setup.