Eric Wong (Shareware)

CircleDock is a desktop enhancement program that may be used as an alternative to Windows Explorer. This is a novel app for many Windows users and it offers a different way of organizing stuff and accessing files from the desktop. One of the highlights of CircleDock is the desktop feature wherein files may be arranged in circular orbits.

CircleDock is a program designed by Eric Wong. Here are some of the attractive features of the app:
• Visually compelling interface with bubble-like graphic and light blue ring at the center
• Multi-option menu
• Contains built-in Help file
• Drag and drop feature for transferring files from Windows Explorer
• Wide rang e of dock customization on behavior and appearance

This program is easy to use with directions that are easy to follow for first-time users. For example, to add a folder or file the user has to right-click on the center ring or dock. Folder stacks and special items may be added in this way as well.

There are many opportunities to customize the dock and the different objects in it such changes in opacity, size, shape, and animation. The objects placed into the different orbits of CircleDock may also be rearranged. There are more options that may be discovered upon further exploration of customization features of CircleDock.