Sonic Solutions (Proprietary)

CinePlayer is a DVD and video file playback program for computers. CinePlayer supports a variety of disc media including DVD-rom, VCD, 3D DVD, and SVCD. CinePlayer also features Real 3D playback in video file formats like RealD. This program also supports 2D -3D video image conversions. CinePlayer also features Dolby Digital 5.1 channel using Surround Sound technology, and the Dolby Digital 2-channel. CinePlayer also has bookmarking capability. Video files that are paused at the middle may be resumed even when the music file has already been closed.

CinePlayer also supports other 3D photo functionality. This program can present 3D Photo slideshows. It can also support 3D photos and videos from 3D compatible digital cameras including Fujitsu camcorders. CinePlayer’s audio support includes HDMI auto-detect of video and audio changes. This program can also support playback optimizations.

CinePlayer features a streamlined GUI or graphical user interface. All navigation controls may be found at the bottom, and may even be automatically hidden once in play mode. Volume buttons are also located in the left bottom part. In Options tab, users may choose whether to upgrade now, check on any online store upgrades, Technical support when available and Check for updates. CinePlayer also supports the most common remote control devices for ease of control. However, CinePlayer does not offer HD and Blu-Ray support just yet.