CIMCO DNC-Max V5 Client

CIMCO Integration (Shareware)

CIMCO DNC-Max V5 Client is a program intended for the use of professional CNC programmers. This is a versatile utility developed by CIMCO Integration. This utility offers users with reliable CNC communications. It serves as the standard by which all the other DNC applications are based. This is a reliable and scalable application that has is invaluable in CNC operations. The program has the unique capability to improve the flexibility and existing functionality of other DNC applications.

CIMCO DNC-Max V5 Client by CIMCO Integration is a DNC program with end-to-end functionality, assisting effectively in system configuration, installation, and maintenance. Its main features include high-end configurability and dependable client /server architecture. With the program CNC operators can implement real-time logging of DNC machines activity. Status reports are comprehensive and sent directly to operators as well.

CIMCO DNC-Max V5 Client is also a secure program since the control and configuration settings may be limited to key personnel with the many levels of password protection provided. One of the top features of this utility that make it convenient to use are the auto name and remote request features. With these functions, users can perform file transfers from hand-held terminals or from their CNC control. The user can take advantage of the multiple restart and send functions.