CimCAD / CimPack 10.3

Cimex Corporation (Shareware)

CimCAD and CimPACK are programs that enable users to create designs for products and their packaging, such as corrugated boxes and cartons. Developed by Cimex Corporation, the two programs employ computer-assisted design technology that makes it easier for users to make 2D and 3D objects. CimCAD has a number of different features, including the following:

• Design and Editing Tools – data entry from blueprints may be transferred easily using a full set of construction tools. In addition, the application enables users to employ freehand techniques such as sketching and bending.
• Machining Features – users can easily add tabs, loops, and lead-in cuts.
• Software Integration – this program can exchange files of different design formats with those of other systems. It has support for DDES, EPS, DXF, PDF vector files, and Adobe Illustrator files.

CimPACK is the tool that is used to design packaging boxes and folding cartons. It enables users to nest sheet layouts and even export enhanced one-up files from Adobe Illustrator. Users can also choose to install the program’s Basic Diemaker, which is used to create die layouts including edges, punches, handles, chaseholes, and other related layouts. The Advanced Diemaker has four additional features, enabling users to create stripping boards, rubber profiles, and counters.