CiberControl 4.0 PRO

Lucio Perri Software (Proprietary)

CiberControl 4.0 PRO is a business management tool created by Lucio Perri Software. It is exclusively designed for certain types of businesses that use the connectivity of the Internet and sharing networks. Internet cafes, VPN-based workplaces, and universities can use this program. It can be also used for personal purposes.

CiberControl 4.0 PRO is technically a program that provides a management and performance system with additional features for security and privacy. Administrators can manage specific users to have access of their networking and data. They can set information to be shared in public, private, or specified users. That means data are protected whenever necessary.

CiberControl 4.0 PRO also features performance that can restrict customers or clients when using the computer or browsing the Internet. That depends on the kind of business that uses this program. For instance, an Internet café provides computers that are basically connected to a Web server. Customers can use them to surf the Internet, email, create documents, and do other allowed options and tasks. The business can set some limitations as to what customers can do. They may disable the downloading of programs, visiting restricted sites, and modifying computer or network settings.

This program has been discontinued and is not available for download.