CI-V Commander

AA6YQ (Freeware)

CI-V Commander is part of the eight free inter-operational applications run individually in the DXLab program suite. Developed by AA6YQ under DX Lab Suite, this program is a 32-bit text mode file manager. It allows control over the following supported radios: Yaesu, JRC, Kachina, Alinco, Tentec, Elecraft, Kenwood, and Icom.

CI-V Commander is the first application to run and control the transceiver from any PC with a radio. It is able to display frequency-dependent control settings for tuners and amplifiers, as well as provide 10 banks containing 10 memories each. The main display can also show dual directories that allow easy copying or moving of files and operations.

It controls not just frequency and mode but also receiver bandwidth, other CAT-accessible settings, and split and dual receive functions. It can switch among these four transceivers and provide parallel port control for transceiver and antenna selection.

CI-V Commander's user-friendly interface opens as a normal window, complete with all the normal execution buttons. Some of its numerous features include mouse and long file name support, a built-in file viewer for hex view mode, a command for every tagged file, enhanced wildcard handling including boolean operators, flexible file name filtering, and the ability to start DOS programs with session settings.